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"I would recommend you to anyone I know that needs a POS system or anything dealing with credit cards."

Card Processing

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Vaulted Security is more than just a brand.  Our focus is to help you with the two areas of business that are necessities!  “Vaulted” represents the financial side of your business needs, related to reducing expenses and increasing efficiency through local support.  “Security” represents the high level of attention we bring to your Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery needs.  


We partner with your business, providing custom solutions to match your brand.  We provide the best fit for our clients, which establishes a long term relationship.

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Our Vision

To always do what's right for our clients.

Our Mission

Utilizing our combined 30 years' experience in the financial and technology fields, we partner with businesses to deliver solutions that meet their goals.

Anna Bourgeois

Vice President

"I love working with businesses to better their payment solutions!"